Solutions to homelessness

Some solutions for homeless have been spoken about in class, discussing the housing first and tent camps. Just giving a solution to finding a home not the other problems.  The government will need to change from the inside as well. The problems of  income inequality makes its hard to get and keep a house in this market. If the wealth was distributed more evenly to the lower, and middle class it could make a huge difference, instead of having all the money go to the top 10%, even taking just a little percentage from them can help as well.

Some temporary solutions are programs that just give away food. They help is  much appreciated but doesn’t really help the problem of homelessness. It is piece to a bigger puzzle.  Another being emergency shelter living, usually used for very cold or hot weather. These shelters should be offered year around. Just temporary giving them a place then taking it must really suck for the individuals, but is very much appreciated.

Our communities should be able to intermingle more, instead of just ignoring a human being, I wish people were more willing to give their time to talk to others. Some look on this population with assumptions,but never seem to see if they assumptions are true.