Each-one Teach-one

This week I completed my each-one teach-one. I chose to show the film, “Homeless, The Motel Kids of Orange County.” Along with this, I put together a mini-lesson to add in more information for the group. I added in information such as a brief explanation on why we have homelessness which leads to childhood homelessness. I chose to focus on childhood homelessness because it is the driving factor on why I chose to register for this class. I am studying to become a teacher and I want to be able to understand my students as best as possible and hopefully will be better equipped to handle situations surrounding my students being homeless. In my mini-lesson, I included what effects homelessness may have on school children and what is being done by districts to help combat the effects of homelessness and even what some schools are doing to get individuals off of the streets.

During my presentation, I was struck by some of the mentalities that are common within individuals. There were comments made during the film that belittled the individuals in the film. Such as comments as “well you can tell she’s on something.” These comments threw me off in the slightest because I have been studying in an environment where these comments are not commonplace but the manner in which they were stated made me feel as though I would not be able to get my point across. Thankfully, in the end, my point seemed to come to flourishing when the individuals stated that the only way homelessness could be fixed is by fixing the housing crisis.