Looking at the numbers

In many issues other then homelessness it is hard to know when facts are facts, especially when it comes to numbers. This is something that has played a prominent role in our class this semester. We discuss numbers and statistics quiet often and it truly makes me think. Think about the power behind finding out how many homeless ACTUALLY exist, or how many homeless ACTUALLY get off the streets each year, or how many homeless ACTUALLY hold down jobs and have normal lives, besides not being able to pay rent. These numbers could do so much to solidify the information we practically have.

With that being said I think that there still is power behind the numbers that exist. Looking at one website linked at the bottom the number of homeless individuals by state are in the thousands. Even though this data may vary and fluctuate or overall be a miscount the numbers are far too high to ignore the severity of the situation. I think where the numbers become problematic especially is when it boils down to cities. If a count occurs and a city only has 20 “homeless” people they have identified they may not feel very motivated to make a change. It will be interesting over the years to see what change develops in order to get more accurate readings and data on the homeless population as a whole.