Teaching Project 12

For my teaching project I presented to the baseball team and coaches in the classroom located in the locker room.  My topic was homelessness, using the “causes of homelessness” slide from class as a basis to discuss the realities of homelessness. I wanted to see what stereotypes they have heard about homeless people, and what they think is being done to help combat the issue.  Keying them in on what is really going on, what they think can be done, and what they can do themselves to help.  Giving them insights from my internship at Redlands Family Services, to show them just how organizations work and what goes on within them.  I wanted to give them a clear cut view of what homeless people go through and show my audience what the homeless are actually looking for and trying to get.  Which is affordable housing; the reason why all the homeless and less unfortunate have been going to (RFS) to become clients.  Yes that’s right you have to be a client to receive any help from (RFS).  It’s things like this that I want to expose because organizations supposedly are doing all these things to help but don’t say what is required of you to get help and how many people are turned down still looking for help.  With people putting so many stereotypes and “sin talking” the homeless, trying to find any and every way to rid of the homeless in their area.  Instead of being open minded, courteous, and sympathetic to a huge epidemic that effects everyday people like you and me.  Students, college graduates, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, family, and friends that aren’t all druggies, or mentally ill, just can’t afford the cost of living.  Due to society putting so much pressure on people to keep up in all facets of life, and inflation causing prices to skyrocket.  The reality of the situation has been hidden underneath false truths, and false realities, which I am trying to rid of.  I feel like that’s what this whole class has been about; discovering the truth and finding a way to teach and show others what actually needs to be done to fix this homelessness problem.  That’s what I was doing here with the team, breaking those stereotypes, letting them know how homelessness started, has continued, and what our government and cities are doing.  That way they know the truth and can take it upon themselves to to help others and expose others to the truth, so we can continue to help/fix the problem.  In presenting I tried to emphasize that their is a lot we don’t know and a lot we can do.  I hope that they understood the severity of the situation as I explained to them.  It’s crazy to think how many people are misinformed or know next to nothing about the homeless situation.  Something which I learned from my encounter with my teammates, along with the fact that they have all been mislead and heard stereotypes that put a negative connotation on homeless people.  So there’s a lot of work to be done, to enlighten people on homelessness