Each-One-Teach-One Summary

Anthony and I worked as a group on our teaching project. We wanted to present to our group of friends the misconceptions of homelessness, and further disprove them with examples from readings (Books A and B), lectures (Jim’s presentation on the myths of homelessness), and films we have seen in class (Taylor’s Campaign). Our goal for the presentation was to deconstruct basic societal misconceptions about homelessness. We laid out three central themes for our project to disassemble: the homeless need to be fixed first before they can be trusted with housing; they need to find jobs to get out of poverty; and lastly, homeless people are dangerous. After teaching how these misconceptions were just a construct made from neo-liberal morals, we were hoping our audience would be able to hold a good conversation after the presentation to debrief what was presented to them. We conducted our presentation to a group of friends in the library after class during the week, and had a lengthy debrief afterwards to help each other understand the material laid out even more. Overall, I feel our presentation went extremely well in terms of reaching out to our audience, and helping them understand homelessness as a systematic issue rather than individual issues. I feel we made points that got across to them well enough to help discussion afterwards, and lead to great conversation even when we left the library and started our walk back home. If I could change anything about this project, I would probably ask our audience to continue elaborating more on the points they brought up with common societal misconceptions before our presentation about homelessness after our presentation, to understand if our presentation changed any of these views for them. I would have also liked to have added more myths to dispel for this presentation. I feel it could have generated more conversation when we were done giving our presentation. Overall, I feel Anthony and I did a great job talking about the myths surrounding homelessness.