Each One Teach One

For my Each One Teach One project, I chose to create an information pamphlet on homelessness. In the pamphlet, I attempted to give a brief overview of those concepts from the Hunger and Homelessness In America class which I found most important and believed would be most worthwhile for the public to understand. My inspiration for the project was those pamphlets and information packets which I have seen distributed during talks at conferences, or found on nonprofit websites, including those which focus on homelessness, which present key information for the recipients. At the start of the semester, I was struck by how little I knew about homelessness, not just with regards to the greater themes, but also concepts as simple as how homelessness is defined by those who work in the field. I believe that in order for people to have a fruitful conversation about homelessness, they need to have a basic understanding of what they are speaking about, and I wanted to prepare something which could be used to improve such conversations.

The project  forced me to evaluate what was most important to me that I tell others.  When first beginning to draft the project, I revisited all of the different topics discussed in Hunger and Homelessness to decide what ideas I wanted to incorporate. Initially, I wanted to include everything, but I quickly realized that doing so would not be an effective means of providing an overview to the concepts of homelessness, especially if I wanted to create something that the average citizen would be interested in perusing. Rethinking the structure of my report forced me to tease out the ideas that I would most want to inform an audience of, while setting aside those ideas that, while still important, were not relevant to creating a basic overview.

By articulating for others what I have learned, I developed a better understanding myself, particularly at seeing how all the pieces we discussed fit together. After working on this project, I think I might have a much better chance of offering a cohesive answer if questioned about what I learned. While in some ways I wish I had chosen a project which allowed me to more easily measure its success as a teaching tool, I still believe my endeavor was a worthwhile one. EachOneTeachOnePamphlet