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The following list collects items I have found useful over the years.  It is neither comprehensive nor well-maintained.  It is, however, a good place to start. — JS

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News Clips, Magazine Articles, etc: (see more evanescent notices at our Course Blog)
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Poverty and Unemployment:

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Other Websites & Resources (some with downloadable reports):

  •  ”Face and Voice of Homelessness” website
    • A website filled with respectful interviews with homeless people
  • Melville Charitable Trust
    • “The Melville Charitable Trust began its work on homelessness with two simple thoughts: The first was that the persistence of homelessness in the wealthiest democracy in the world was, quite simply, scandalous. The second was that it was a solvable problem.” – Stephen Melville, Chair of the Melville Charitable Trust Board of Directors
  • Applied Survey Research
    • An organization that runs homeless counts in several California counties.  It uses a very creative method to ensure that it catches everyone, including homeless who are otherwise invisible,
    • Here is a link to their September 2013 report.
  • Youth Hope
    • Redlands’ own agency that works with homeless use.  A source of information, newsletters, and ways to help local homeless kids.

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