Take-Home Exam

Exam questions:

We will develop the exam questions collectively during class (see the course schedule for the exact day); that session will focus on the topic: “What should we know?”

You will bring draft questions to that session, whose depth will form part of your grade.  The exam will be as comprehensive as we collectively think is appropriate.  (You get a vote, but I do, too.)

Exam Date & Time:

The Take-Home Exam will be due at the end of the regularly scheduled exam time.  You’ll find that on the course schedule.  Turn in your work on Moodle.

Exam Guidelines:

  • The Exam with be Take-Home.  You may consult with each other, but do your own writing and cite your sources.  I’m as interested in how you think as I am in what you think (though you need to get your facts right).  The exam should help you pull your knowledge together.  Assuming you’ve been keeping up with class, that should be a breeze.
  • I suggest that you use the “Unessay” format to answer your questions. (See Daniel Paul O’Donnell’s description and the derivative Unessay guide that I’ve posted elsewhere on this site.)   Clearly, you don’t get to do the first step: choose your topic.  You can, however, choose your approach to the topic, how your present your material, and so on.   Writing an “Unessay” gives you a lot of freedom but it requires you to communicate effectively.  You need to know your stuff to write one.  Isn’t that the point of an exam?
    • You may, however, play it straight (and boring).  No penalties unless I fall asleep reading your work.