Group Presentations

Early in the semester, the class will be divided into between 3 and 6 teams, depending on class size.  Each team will be randomly assigned to Marx, Durkheim, or Weber.  The team will apply that theorist’s work to a current social issue and will present its analysis to the class in a creative way.  Nearly any macro-level issue will do; in semesters past, students have applied the theorist’s work to such things as:

  • racism in America
  • the origins of poverty or homelessness
  • gangs and drugs
  • the causes of terrorism and war
  • globalization
  • etc.

Micro-level or identity issues do not work very well for this assignment.  They also do not work well for your two papers (see below).

Consult the Schedule page for exact dates of these presentations.  Presentations should take at about 1/2 an hour and should be followed by a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of your theorist’s approach for understanding the chosen topic.  Presentations will be graded on the excellence of their preparation, their thoroughness, their insight, their instructional pedagogical effectiveness, and the amount of discussion that they generate.  (DON’T JUST READ YOUR SLIDES!!!)

  • Two Guidelines
    1. Powerpoint format only
    2. Turn this in on Moodle before 8am on the day of the presentation.